Why volunteer with Kidogo Adventure?

There can be criticism of volunteering abroad which stems from a common misunderstanding - "why should people come in from overseas to volunteer and do the jobs that could and should be done by the local people?"

We quite agree - this is not what Kidogo Adventure is all about. Instead, our volunteers are placed in projects in order to supplement what is already in place. All the projects we work with look after the children very well - however they do not necessarily have the time or resources to be able to do extra activities with them. In addition, the children benefit from the energy, enthusiasm and new, fresh perspectives that volunteers can bring. The volunteer can be solely focused on teaching a new skill or activity, in or out of the classroom - or simply being around to offer extra help wherever it is needed most on the project. 

We work closely with the organisations to ensure that the volunteers are always a help not a hindrance, so that there is a positive outcome for both the project and the volunteer.