If you would prefer to work with slightly older kids and get involved in the classroom or with sports and other activities, we work with several projects that facilitates this. The orphanages provide a safe and loving family environment for the children to grow up in. They vary in size but we tend to work with the smaller ones that look after up to forty children. Most of them also have a school linked to them - either in the same compound or near to home. 

School - form 1

What would I be doing as a volunteer? 

Unsurprisingly, there is always a lot going on here too! There are so many tasks that volunteers have the opportunity to get involved with at school, after school and during holidays.

The teachers often appreciate assistance in the classroom and you may get the chance to lead a few lessons, particularly with the younger children.  After school, there are many activities that the kids love doing and initiative from the volunteers makes a huge difference. 

Most of these projects run during the school holidays too, so volunteers with a lot of enthusiasm (and energy!) would be able to run their own activity ideas, such as sports tournaments, should they wish to. 

How long can I volunteer for? 

Volunteers are welcome to come for any length of trip or as part of a combined adventure.

Volunteering - orphanage - Kidogo Adventure